About Womenspire

Friendships between women are special. We impact lives and even mould each other. We strengthen and nurture one another. And we long for the unpressured space to do the special kind of talk we do with other women. It's a very healing experience. If our friendship is so special that it counters the stress that seems to swallow up so much of our life these days, keeps us healthy and even add years to our life, why is it so hard to find time to be with them? “Every time we get overly busy with work and family, the first thing we do is let go of friendships with other women” explains researcher Dr. Ruthellen Josselson.

And that’s why Womenspire is dedicated to encouraging, connecting and empowering women from diverse backgrounds to create heartfelt, meaningful relationships with one another that will not only enrich the soul but also strengthen our community at large.



Once a month, there is an opportunity to meet and celebrate "Women". You will take away something inspirational, positive… life changing. With this in mind, we invite renowned guests to share with us something on a topic of their expertise across varied fields such as health, wellness, entrepreneurship, fashion, arts, food and much more. We are also eager to learn from your experiences and insights. If you have something to contribute or share, we would be glad to talk to you. Or if you want to market a specific product/ service, we will be happy to give you a few minutes with prior scheduling.

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