Why Should I Attend?

ARISE / EMERGE – Is your social life only limited to your extended family and your spouse’s friends? Then it’s time to Arise, step out of this and step into a new circle of friends.
EXPAND – Do you want to be mentored and coached for success? Expand your horizons and do not limit your beliefs.
INSPIRE – Would you like to make a difference in the lives of other women? Then this is a forum to discover that spark in you to transform the lives of Women.
EVOLVE – Would you like people to know and trust you and your products or service you represent? Then use this platform … help us help you.
NETWORK – Do you like to meet successful women while having fun? Then this place is about “Weaving Women Together”. This could be your opportunity for a breakthrough.
RELAX – Would you like a comfortable environment to listen and be listened to, as you share what you are passionate about? Then kick off your shoes, and unwind … You have come to the right place.
RENDEZVOUS - Would you like to meet a community of diverse women, learn about the various spheres of life they represent, and share & gain from each other’s experiences? Then liaise with them and share as much of yourself as you can.
EMPOWER - Would you like to leave feeling happy, hopeful and optimistic because you have met interesting and caring like-minded women and have fed your soul! Then come, enjoy a girl’s day out, let your hair down and face life like a Woman!

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